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Important HIGHWAY CODE UK changes effective from Feb 2022

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SIMPLES. Our SATD Film includes hundreds of insights spanning 50 driving scenarios that involve RISK, sharing with you the benefit of our 55+ years of EXPERIENCE on our frantic roads
without YOU having to personally EXPERIENCE each EXPERIENCE !….!

LAUNCHING July 2024 – get in touch to join our mission to reduce road incidents
Our 8 Sponsors appear throughout our Film, each one appearing 6 times PLUS one FULL 10-secs SCENE focused on their expanded INFO announcing their LOGO Products/Services and Contact, Website, Phone etc
These SPONSOR ID's do not exist - they are shown here just to demonstrate how they will appear in the SATD film. Check out the PREVIEW clips to further see how SPONSORS are shown in the SATD film.
Because, out there on our frantic roads, your whole life can be changed so quickly, literally in the blink of an eye.
This 80 mins FILM will help you every time you drive to protect both your HEALTH and WEALTH
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