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INTRO page

WATCH a 21mins PREVIEW of our SATD FILM using STILLS taken from the film

At the CORE of our SATD content is the key concept of AVOID. See here an expanded image of what we mean by AVOID and what benefits AVOID brings. AVOID is a GOOD word !

BIG-PIC page

Here you can WATCH a SHORT 1min PROMO clip that we are using in promotional campaigns

Here you can WATCH a 15mins PREVIEW clip that shows first 10 Scenarios (the FULL Film presents 50 Scenarios) with supporting film clips and backing AUDIO commentary. It will give you a very good idea about how we approach the subject of SURVIVING on our frantic UK roads.

See here our VOLUME PRICING tables showing purchase costs for S M L XL and XXL enterprises. You will see that business volume pricing ranges from QTY 20 to QTY many 1,000’s and ranges from circa £4.00 to £0.40 or even less depending on the number of (driver) Employees, Customers, Clients, Members, Students etc

Here we provide an outline of our TARGET MARKET SECTORS – the list is not exhaustive, but will give you the idea of WHO this product is for – it’s for ANYONE who drives – whether they drive to and from work, or drive FOR work.

Accompanying the SATD FILM is an A5 Booklet that contains ALL 50 SCENARIOS that are seen in the SATD FILM – but in an easy READ format – without the supporting film clips. See this document here. It can also be found and read from the GRATIS PAGE.


Here you can BUY our PERSONAL EDITION Film – available for STREAMING, or DOWNLOAD, or BOTH. The CORE content is the SAME for both our PERSONAL EDITION and our BUSINESS EDITION.


Here, for SMALLER VOLUME purchases you can BUY our BUSINESS EDITION Film – available for STREAMING, or DOWNLOAD, or BOTH. For HIGHER VOLUMES you will need to make contact with SATD to discuss both VOLUME BANDS and FEATURES that only apply to Business orders.  The CORE content is the SAME for both our PERSONAL EDITION and our BUSINESS EDITION, however the business edition CAN BE CUSTOMISED to reflect YOUR BRAND. Click here to see an example of a CUSTOM Film branded to YOUR BIZ. 

WHY page

If you want to know WHY we have created this FILM and it’s accompanying DIGITAL DOCUMENT assets (which are FREE by the way), click here to read the background to our efforts.

We do have some skin in the game, as you will read.


As we enter our LAUNCH phase, we are seeking 8 Sponsors whose BRANDING will be seen throughout our SAT FILM and also within SOME of our accompanying Digital Assets (FlipBooks/ eDocs).

Click this link to SEE how SPONSORS branding and messages will be shown across the FULL SATD Film.


Here you will find our goodies, our FREE nuggets of Driving Gold Dust

Several separately focused FlipBooks/eDocs deliver immense value to ANY driver, and FREE is a GOOD WORD. And our FREE CONTENT can be SHARED to your circle of friends, family, colleagues, Members, Customers, indeed to anyone who drives. They will thank you.

The FlipBooks (x6) vary in SIZE ranging from 16 pages to 200 pages. THIS type of content is BEST VIEWED using a Tablet/Laptop/PC – it will work on your phone but it will not be the best experience.

SUMMARY – 40% of our total content is provided HERE and yes it is FREE. The other 60% of our total content sits in our SATD 80mins FILM Staying Alive To Drive – which needs to be purchased. 

FAQ page


Here see our PHONE and EMAIL ID details. And you will see a simple FORM which you can use to get in touch.

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