WELCOME. If you DRIVE this is your LUCKY DAY. Here is THE most comprehensive set of SAFER DRIVING assets available ANYWHERE

and the BEST NEWS - 40% of our GOLD NUGGETS are FREE, ZILCH, NOWT !!!

and the even BETTER NEWS - we are happy for you to SHARE our FREE content to anyone you know who drives - and HELP them too!!! FREE is a GOOD word 🙂 HOW ? Just send them a link to our GRATIS page - see menu - far right page.

WHAT a fabulous PRESSIE this would be for ANY driver that you know 🙂 more than anything, it demonstrates you CARE about their wellbeing

We have created a FILM. It's for anyone who DRIVES, of any age, and any experience level, from newbies to rusties

For anyone wanting to enhance their chances of safe arrival at their intended destination. Every year 1,750+ people are killed, 180,000+ injured on our roads. Most thought THEY were good drivers too, as do you. Many of the incidents could have been avoided.

We only have ONE product - our 80 mins FILM, which reviews 50 everyday driving Scenarios showing what can go pear shaped

The 50 Scenarios are supported by 350+ real-life incident clips evidencing what can happen, often in just the blink of an eye, and how you can be prepared and thus avoid becoming another statistic. We came very close to naming it "50 Shades Of Grave" !!!

You should care, simply because many drivers DON'T, and they can take YOU and your PASSENGERS to A & E, or worse

Every time you get behind the steering wheel, you are engaging in RISK, and both you and everyone around you is handling a lethal weapon. This film will remind any driver of so many things they once knew, but have likely forgotten - it will UP their game on the road.

Watch our SHORT film PREVIEW lower down this page, then decide whether you want our PERSONAL or our BUSINESS Edition

Both editions have identical content. The PERSONAL EDITION is typically 1-OFF purchases (you CAN buy multiple copies for family and friends during checkout), whereas the BUSINESS EDITION is typically small, medium and large VOLUME purchases. The PERSONAL purchase costs from £5.45, and the BUSINESS purchase starts from £4.25 OR MUCH LESS for higher volumes. Read this carefully - COSTING LESS THAN A GALLON OF FUEL, what price would you put on your neck, your ribs, your legs, staying in good shape ? Volume BIZ purchases can also be CUSTOMISED to include your business branding plus a message from "management". What's not to like. (See BUSINESS pricing TIERS table lower down this page.) OR you might want to just HOP directly to our BUY NOW section - you could be watching the FULL FILM in 5 minutes time from now. IF you are a BUSINESS, you may want to BUY a personal copy FIRST to evaluate the FULL film, then come back to us to discuss VOLUME purchases and CUSTOMISATION features that showcase YOUR brand - whilst helping to protect both the HEALTH and the WEALTH of your TEAM, your CUSTOMERS, your MEMBERS etc
what price would you put on avoiding having whiplash, busted ribs, fractured legs, broken nose - for you and maybe also your passengers ?

AVOID is a GOOD word !


HERE to the right (or below on a mobile) see just some of the STILLS taken from the SATD Film. You will quickly get the idea. The SATD FULL FILM also has FULL audio narrative support for each of the 50 Scenarios covered by the Film, with 350+ full video clips of real-world incidents that occurred in the blink of an eye 

Post edit NOTE: this PREVIEW indicates that the FULL SATD Film runs for 72 MINS – in fact it runs for 80 MINS 🙂
As we commence our SATD LAUNCH in FEB 2024, we are seeking 8 Product Sponsors whose branding will be shown throughout the 50 Scenarios of the SATD film. A fantastic opportunity to showcase YOUR business to potentially 2M-4M+ or even MORE drivers and businesses annually. For more info go to the SPONSOR OPPS page from the menu at top of page. OR just get in touch to discuss - see CONTACT US page. Launch Sponsors will get 2 years tenancy for the price of 1 year. Sponsors will have an EXCLUSIVE opportunity - we will only showcase ONE business from any ONE business sector, and a grand TOTAL of 8 overall. Grab a slot whilst you still can. The Sponsorship Fee can be paid Monthly over 8 months.
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