Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Is this film really unique ?

It is our firm view that there is nothing existing in the marketplace (UK) which contains anywhere near the level of relevant content when it comes to scenarios involving driving risks. Especially at the low entry Price Point for the SATD film.

Why would a Business want to purchase ?

Driving incidents and crashes are responsible for employees being absent from work. Employers that truly care about the wellbeing of their team are likely to purchase the SATD film in volume and give it freely to their employees that drive. They might drive FOR doing their job, or they might drive just to and from their work location. In either scenario they will benefit from viewing this film, and will appreciate their Employer as a result. Legislation now makes business execs and owners responsible for ensuring that anyone who drives as a fundamental part of their role must be fully informed and aware of RISKS and REMEDIES of their actions whilst driving on behalf of their employer. Deployment of the SATD product to the driving workforce can testify to the businesses COMPLIANCE with the regulations involved. In the event of an incident involving injury or worse, the business owners and/or exec can be held responsible if they have NOT ensured, via training, that their employees act responsibly when driving FOR the company. 

Is the Business edition identical to the Personal edition ?

The CORE content, the 50 Scenarios addresses, are the SAME for both editions.

The Business edition has additional options for CUSTOMISATION, meaning that the Business Branding can be added into the film across the majority of it's content. There is a one-time additional cost for such custom features.

Why has this film been produced ?

In a nutshell, we believe there has been an erosion of driving standards over the last two decades, probably because these days everyone is in a rush all of the time. Whilst the number of deaths on our roads per annum has gradually dropped - mainly as a consequence of better vehicle technology and safety factors in-vehicle, the number on incidents involving injury continues to be a major concern. SEE our WHY page and read a little of our backstory to help you understand why we felt this product IS needed. With wide exposure of our film, we are hopeful that incidents will be reduced by between 5% and 8%. That's 90+ fewer deaths and 9,000+ fewer injuries ANNUALLY. 

Who can I contact for Sales enquiries ?

Get in touch by phone on 020 7125 0210, or by email on

Who can I contact for Streaming or Download or other DELIVERY questions ? enquiries ?

Get in touch by phone on 020 7125 0210, or by email to OR if you have lost your ACCESS link please email and please ensure in your email that you quote your Purchase Confirmation Reference which is contained in the email you were sent to confirm purchase. We will need that in order to reset your access to digital Film content.

Is my ACCESS permanent ?

If you purchased the PERSONAL STREAMING ONLY edition your access will remain available for 3 months after which it will expire automatically. If you purchased the PERSONAL DOWNLOAD edition your access links will again expire after 3 months, however having a DOWNLOAD means you can still access the film content on YOUR OWN device(s). So there is an advantage in purchasing the DOWNLOAD edition, OR the BOTH edition (see the info on the BUY pages). Finally, if you purchased any of the BUSINESS editions in VOLUME, your access will remain available for 12 months, and your DOWNLOADED content will remain totally accessible on YOUR OWN device(s). After 12 months you are advised to re-purchase the SATD product since we expect that it will have TWO content updates per annum.

How much does it cost to CUSTOMISE the film to include MY Business brand ?

Personalising the SATD film to SHOWCASE your business LOGO and STRAPLINE across 85%+ of the Scenarios in the film will cost £460 plus VAT as a one-time studio cost. It is ALSO possible to customise the accompanying BOOKLET (A5 16-Pages) to show your branding on the COVER page. This feature adds £160 plus VAT. Both elements discussed here are FIXED costs and do not vary by VOLUME purchased. For VOLUME purchases at Price Tier 3 and above this feature is attractive. Less so for Tiers 1 and 2 lower volumes. In customising the Film, we can also include a "message" from the business management to the Team as part of the film INTRO sequence.
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