THE most comprehensive set of SAFER DRIVING assets available ANYWHERE

and the BEST NEWS - 40% of our NUGGETS of GOLD are FREE, ZILCH, NOWT !!!

We have created a FILM. It's for anyone who DRIVES, of any age, and any experience level, from newbies to rusties

For anyone wanting to enhance their chances of safe arrival at their intended destination. Every year 1,750+ people are killed, 180,000+ injured on our roads. Most thought THEY were good drivers too, as do you. Many of the incidents could have been avoided.

We only have ONE product - our 80 mins FILM, which reviews 50 everyday driving Scenarios showing what can go pear shaped

The 50 Scenarios are supported by 350+ real-life incident clips evidencing what can happen, often in just the blink of an eye, and how you can be prepared and thus avoid becoming another statistic. We came very close to naming it "50 Shades Of Grave" !!!

You should care, simply because many drivers DON'T, and they can take YOU and your PASSENGERS to A & E, or worse

Every time you get behind the steering wheel, you are engaging in RISK, and both you and everyone around you is handling a lethal weapon. This film will remind any driver of so many things they once knew, but have likely forgotten - it will UP their game on the road.

Watch our SHORT film PREVIEW lower down this page, then decide whether you want our PERSONAL or our BUSINESS Edition

Both editions have identical content. The PERSONAL EDITION is typically 1-OFF purchases (you CAN buy multiple copies for family and friends during checkout), whereas the BUSINESS EDITION is typically small, medium and large VOLUME purchases. The PERSONAL purchase costs from £5.45, and the BUSINESS purchase starts from £4.25 OR MUCH LESS for higher volumes. Read this carefully - COSTING LESS THAN A GALLON OF FUEL, what price would you put on your neck, your ribs, your legs, staying in good shape ? Volume BIZ purchases can also be CUSTOMISED to include your business branding plus a message from "management". What's not to like. (See BUSINESS pricing TIERS table lower down this page.) OR you might want to just HOP directly to our BUY NOW section - you could be watching the FULL FILM in 5 minutes time from now. IF you are a BUSINESS, you may want to BUY a personal copy FIRST to evaluate the FULL film, then come back to us to discuss VOLUME purchases and CUSTOMISATION features that showcase YOUR brand - whilst helping to protect both the HEALTH and the WEALTH of your TEAM, your CUSTOMERS, your MEMBERS etc
what price would you put on avoiding having whiplash, busted ribs, fractured legs, broken nose - for you and maybe also your passengers ?

Greetings and a warm welcome. However you found your way to this page, if you DRIVE, or you EMPLOY people who drive, whether FOR their work, or just TO and FROM their place of work, then you are in the right place. There is a lot happening here on our pages, but the truth is we ONLY have ONE product, and it WILL provide massive value to you. And even batter, it is all yours for LESS than the price of fish and chips 🙂

Our ONE PRODUCT is a Film, and it's single focus is providing some guidance on how to avoid incidents when you are behind the wheel.

In fact, our film covers 50 everyday driving Scenarios that often involve RISK, and which can end your trip at A & E, or worse.

The film runs for 80 MINUTES, and it is supported by 350+ clips of real incidents where things went wrong, in just the blink of an eye. It provides sound advice on how you might anticipate and avoid such experiences.
Let’s set the scene with this
SHORT 1 MIN promo clip.
Driving RISK is all about what can happen in the BLINK of an EYE
Here are 2 stats worth thinking about.

52% of motorway fatalities involve a HGV.

60% of all road fatalities occur on country roads. 

So do bear these in mind when you are out and about.
Contributory cause: Failure to LOOK properly was reported in 25% of fatal road incidents.
Contributory cause: Exceeding the speed limit was reported in 24% of fatal road incidents.

MOST deaths are caused by one or more of the "FATAL 4"


Excessive SPEED


DRINK and/or DRUGS Driving


SEATBELT not used


Using a MOBILE PHONE, including using HANDSFREE

Sadly, it's a FACT - male drivers aged 17 to 24 are FOUR TIMES more likely to be killed or seriously injured in a road incident, than drivers aged 25+

Sadly, it's another FACT - 1 in every 5 NEW DRIVERS will be involved in a driving incident in their FIRST 12 MONTHS on the road

BELOW here you can PREVIEW our film to get an idea of how it approaches this “safer driving” topic, which essentially is about improving your chances of actually reaching your intended destination – INTACT !

The LEFT hand film (15 Mins watch) will let you watch the first 10 of the 50 Scenarios contained in the FULL film.
The RIGHT hand film (20 Mins watch) will let you watch ALL 50 Scenarios BUT only as a series of STILLS from the FULL film. 
BOTH PREVIEWS are an easy watch, and despite the serious subject matter, you are sure to also find them mildly entertaining.

After viewing the SATD FULL FILM, it is highly likely you will be better prepared for whatever the world of driving throws at you, and crikey these days it seems to throw a lot, on our frantic roads.

THIS FILM will help you to avoid becoming another statistic.

Of course we are ALL good drivers, aren’t we ? But often it is other drivers behaving recklessly that will take YOU to A & E. In our film you will get extra insights into what to expect in numerous daily situations, and be better prepared the next time it happens for real.

IF you buy, this film will prove to be the best investment of an hour and £6 or less you have ever made, and as mentioned above, to quote Dickinson, “it’s cheap as chips”. Well, fish and chips anyway.

Both PREVIEW clips below can be expanded to FULL SCREEN [ ]

Click first image below to see PREVIEW of Scenarios 1 to 10 (out of 50). Viewing duration 15 minutes
Click second image below to see PREVIEW of ALL 50 Scenarios as a FLY-BY, but using STILLS. Viewing duration 21 minutes

This product is UNIQUE in its variety of content covering a total of 50 everyday driving Scenarios that often involve RISK, and which can end in serious injury, or worse.

It runs for 8
0 minutes, and the 50 scenarios are supported evidentially by 350+ incident clips together with an audio commentary on incident avoidance tactics.

It is available as a PERSONAL purchase, and also in volume quantities as a BUSINESS purchase.

It will be of benefit to ANYONE who drives

The PERSONAL EDITION is sold as 1-off, and PRICING shown is VAT INCLUSIVE.

You can purchase MULTIPLE copies for access by family members or friends – just increase the QUANTITY during CHECKOUT.

Both the PERSONAL and BUSINESS editions can be delivered in the following 4 ways:
– via STREAMING viewing online
– via a DOWNLOAD to your device(s)
BOTH of the above
– on a physical USB stick by POST

The USB option is significantly more expensive simply because of the media costs and handling, packaging and postage costs.

STREAMING is the lowest-priced option, and will need the viewer to be online in order to view. With the PERSONAL EDITION, a stream viewing link will be provided after purchase, and this will remain available for repeat access for THREE MONTHS, after which it will expire. If you have concerns about this expiry, we recommend purchase of the DOWNLOAD option.

DOWNLOAD allows you to store the film on YOUR local device(s) for viewing offline and thus for repeat viewing anytime.

BIZ BENEFITS you can expect
Personal BENEFITS you can expect

The pricing for the BUSINESS EDITION is totally VOLUME based, and prices shown in the quantity band Tier tables shown below are PLUS VAT. 

Lower down here you will see a PRICING TABLE for each of BUSINESS TIERS 1 to 7. There is a TIER 8 for seriously high volumes and we will provide a QUOTE on request, just get in touch.

The BUSINESS EDITION can optionally also be CUSTOMISED to include:
YOUR headline Service Description
an INTRO message to your team
– such CUSTOM content appears throughout the film
– optionally the SATD A5 Booklet can also be customised to show YOUR branding on the COVER page of 16 pages.

IF a CUSTOM edition is required, there is a one-time setup charge for initial content and media custom build.

HOSTING (serving) of the BUSINESS EDITION can be on our  SATD servers or on the customers own servers if preferred. Costs will be the same either way.

pricing is banded by VOLUME. Prices showing here are PLUS VAT.

The business edition is typically purchased for EMPLOYEES, and in this context the purchase would be based on the number of your employees that DRIVE. They might drive as part of their JOB, or they might drive just to GET TO their place of work at a company location.

OR they might be CUSTOMERS of your business. For example VEHICLE DISTRIBUTORS, or LEASING providers, where when a client purchases a vehicle, you as the DEALER/LESSOR provide ACCESS to VIEW a copy of our SATD film as an indication of your AFTERMARKET Customer Care ethos. They will tell their friends, and will almost become unpaid members of YOUR sales team. Such advocacy is the very best type of referral.

pricing is banded by VOLUME. Prices showing here are PLUS VAT.

The business edition is typically purchased for EMPLOYEES, and in this context the purchase would be based on the number of your employees that DRIVE. They might drive as part of their JOB, or they might drive just to GET TO their place of work at a company location.

OR they might be CUSTOMERS of your business. For example VEHICLE DISTRIBUTORS, or LEASING providers, where when a client purchases a vehicle, you as the DEALER/LESSOR provide ACCESS to VIEW a copy of our SATD film as an indication of your AFTERMARKET Customer Care ethos. They will tell their friends, and will almost become unpaid members of YOUR sales team. Such advocacy is the very best type of referral.

SEE HERE to the right a QUICK SUMMARY OF THE SATD PROPOSAL for BOTH the Personal Edition and the Business Edition. The full WHAT, HOW and WHY.

The FILM content of both editions is IDENTICAL, however the Business Edition can (optionally) be CUSTOMISED to incorporate the BRANDING and Strapline/Message of the BUSINESS entity.

      40% of our great content is FREE.

Remember that you can get 40% of the VALUE of SATD by simply accessing our TOTALLY FREE digital FlipBook content. SEE the GRATIS page on the site menu (far right button). By itself, the SATD FREE content has immense value and WILL be of benefit to ANY driver. Feel free to SHARE our FREE content with any driver you know and/or in your business. You DO NOT need our approval to do this.

So Businesses are able to SHARE our FREE content to their TEAM and/or their Customers or Clients, or their Members.

Optionally (for a small FEE) we can also provide a BRANDED version of our FREE CONTENT page whereby your business LOGO and a welcome message from management is presented on your personalised landing page.

IF you operate a DRIVING SCHOOL – you may want to provide access to view a copy of SATD to assist the STUDENT, once they do PASS,  through their first year or two on the scary roads out there, as an indication of YOUR care for those you have taught. They will tell their friends about YOU – a win-win.

DITTO if you operate a RETAIL CHAIN STORE. GIVE your CUSTOMERS access to view the SATD film and your star will shine even stronger with your loyal customers. Now THATS a proper LOYALTY programme !! And depending on how many Customers you have, you will be frankly amazed at the low costs involved. And, if you serve MORE Customers (or Employees) than TIER 7 banding showing here above  (i.e. more than 50,000) then unit pricing for DIGITAL DELIVERY will be even LOWER than £2.00 … A no brainer to permit adoption. A win-win certainly.

DITTO if you operate a  MOTOR INSURANCE or LIFE INSURANCE or  a BREAKDOWN service. Get this film and GIVE access to VIEW IT to you Customers – it will differentiate you in your NICHE. If you are an INSURANCE company, it will almost certainly result in REDUCED CLAIMS of 5% or possibly more. That’s 5% LOWER REPAIR and INJURY COSTS of claims, 5%  LESS ADMIN COSTS in chasing the paperwork around. Fewer DEATHS resulting from road incidents. ADD THAT to your bottom line, and you will conclude that adoption of our SATD film to provide to your Customers for possibly under £2 per unit or even much LESS becomes a no-brainer.  

For VOLUME quantities above TIER 7 (50,000 units and above) please make contact to discuss pricing. See CONTACT page.

In addition to the sectors listed above, we are also targeting a number of other sectors where we believe SATD will have appeal. In many cases the interest will be in respect of the businesses Employees and their wellbeing. In others the interest will expand to the Customers or Clients or Members of the enterprise.  Here is a partial list of those in our sights:

NHS Employees – Universities (for their Students as they Graduate and for their Lecturers and Admin) – Gyms for their Members – Trade Unions for their Members – Banks, Building Societies for their Customers & Emps, Retail Chains for their Customers & Emps, Hospitality Chains for their Customers & Emps. Plus Utilities Service Providers, Vehicle Accessories Retail Chains, Opticians, Holiday Park Resorts, wider Public Sector Employees, Parking APP Providers. Plus Small, Medium, Large and Corporate general businesses.

We anticipate that 80% of our market will be with BUSINESSES, and 20% will be with one-off PERSONAL purchases by the general public.

SIMPLES. Our SATD film includes hundreds of insights spanning 50 driving scenarios that involve RISK, sharing with you the benefit of our 50+ years of EXPERIENCE
without YOU having to personally EXPERIENCE each EXPERIENCE !….!

AVOID is a GOOD word !

WHO ELSE needs THIS film ?

Recently PASSED your TEST ?

750K+ learner drivers pass every year and JOIN our roads. Evidence shows a large percentage of new drivers will encounter an incident in the first 6-12 months on our hectic roads.

This film will help you get the experience without having to endure having such an experience

Attended a
Driving Awareness Course ?

1.4M+ drivers attend one every year. You don’t want the pleasure of attending another one, and you may NOT now be eligible to be offered another one.

THIS film will help your mission.

Worried about

There are over 2.6M+ FPN’s (fixed penalty notices) issued every year, and a further 600K+ drivers appear in court for offences.

If you already have some POINTS, you probably want to avoid getting any more, and, more than anything else you can do, THIS film will help you stay legal on the road.

Public Sector
GP Practices

those people who repair US

There are 1.4M+ workers in the NHS. Many have to drive to and from their place of work.

GOV needs to provide the whole NHS team with  access to THIS film, to enhance their chances of being there if WE arrive in hospital.

It’s what a CARING Employer would do isn’t it ? At a cost of less than 2 quid a head – maybe even less than that if all Trusts get SATD !!!

AND if GP Practices adopt our very special GP DEAL (there are over 7,400 such GP Practices in England alone) we could reach a staggering 30M+ Drivers with the SATD film 🙂 

Public Sector
Civil Servants
DfT and various Ministries

Our GOV employ over 400K+ people to look after the population and the wider affairs of the country in one role or another.

A large percentage of these teams shown here are drivers.

GOV needs to provide these key teams with access to THIS film, and show that their GOV CARES about the welfare of it’s oft unseen players. Is their welfare worth 2 quid a head or even less ?

Public Sector
Teachers & Fire Service
Armed Forces
Council Workers

The GOV also employ another large number of people who look after the interests of the population in a wide variety of key roles.

A large percentage of these teams shown here are drivers.

GOV needs to provide these key workers with access to THIS film and show that their GOV CARES about the welfare of it’s oft unseen team players.

ALL of these GOV employees would improve their chances of surviving on our roads for just 2 quid a head or less !!!

60%+ of the adult population of the UK are DRIVERS and they ALL need this film, they just don’t yet know they need it !!!


Students AND Staff
(Academic Tutors and Admin) 

Many of the Students enrolled at our UK Universities (160+ such learning institutions across the UK) and at our Tech, Arts and Sciences Colleges are likely to want to emerge at the end of their courses ready for the world of work, and that often brings forward a need for getting a Driving License. Some will achieve that goal whilst midway through their course. In any event, whenever they JOIN the drivers club, they are placed at high RISK simply through their inexperience

At SATD, we want to provide a no-brainer offer to our learning institutions, to allow them to provide the SATD film to ALL students on campus, AND to ALL teaching and admin staff employed, to be given FREE gratis – in order to improve their chances of avoiding road RISKS in those critical early years on our roads.

Delivered DIGITALLY, and in serious volumes, this can be achieved for less than 50p per Student/Tutor/Employee/Staffer.

AND, if we were to expand this strategy to NUS (National Union of Students) Members, we could potentially reach over 3M+ drivers (across all age groups) with our message (NUS have 7M+ Student Members).

Just needs someone with imagination in the corridors of power to GRASP whats on offer here. 

Every year, 570,000+ Students LEAVE and are (surprise surprise) replaced with another 570,000+ who JOIN University.

PLUS there are 440,000+ Academic and Admin STAFF employed in our Universities across the UK.

And if we were to extend this scheme to also include our many many Tech Arts and Sciences Colleges we could probably DOUBLE the reach of these numbers. 

Our Marketing Strategy is all about achieving MAX REACH to UK drivers.

If you know any of the head honchos that call the shots in GOV departments, do please tip them a nudge to look at this FILM, and to talk to us about the impact it could have on A) the wellbeing of their wider GOV team, and B) how a reduction of 5%+ in road incidents could save UK.GOV.PLC £1.7Bn per annum, to spend on other community welfare projects (please not on HS2 though).

The SATD film is accompanied by a 16-page A5 Booklet (FlipBook/eDoc/eBook)

SPONSORS branding (8 of) is shown on front and rear pages, plus placed throughout the booklet pages

SATD 16-Page Booklet for reminder reading offline occasionally when out and about travelling.

Read online as a FlipBook/eDoc/eBook  ONLINE or DOWNLOAD as a PDF for offline consumption.

The SATD film is a fantastic asset for ANY driver. It is accompanied by several digital documents which individually are worth MORE than the purchase price of SATD, whether the Personal Edition or the Business Edition.

GET IT - seriously, it's a NO BRAINER.

View our digital flipbook SUMMARY - click below - and ON PAGE 15 see access links to other FREE digital docs that accompany the SATD Film 🙂

some vehicles and some buildings have fantastic interiors

BUT really, if you never want to see the INSIDE of any of these – GET this FILM

As we commence our SATD LAUNCH in NOV/DEC 2023, we are seeking 8 Product Sponsors whose branding will be shown throughout the 50 Scenarios of the SATD film. A fantastic opportunity to showcase YOUR business to potentially 2M-4M+ or even MORE drivers and businesses annually. For more info go to the SPONSOR OPPS page from the menu at top of page. OR just get in touch to discuss - see CONTACT US page. Launch Sponsors will get 2 years tenancy for the price of 1 year. Sponsors will have an EXCLUSIVE opportunity - we will only showcase ONE business from any ONE business sector, and a grand TOTAL of 8 overall. Grab a slot whilst you still can. The Sponsorship Fee can be paid Monthly over 8 months.
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