SATD Content - Disclaimer

The ultimate responsibility for Content presented on this site and within its related Film and related Digital Document content rests solely with the Authors and Founders of Staying Alive To Drive (SATD), which is a Brand and Subsidiary of Changing-IT For Good Ltd.

SATD regularly updates the SATD Film and also it’s related Digital Document FlipBooks/eDocs/PDFs (the SATD Digital Documents) to ensure that they remain accurately aligned to UK Driving Regulations and best practice where relevant.

SATD will normally provide 2 content update revisions per annum to the SATD Film and all associated Digital Documents delivered as FlipBooks/eDocs/PDFs.

SATD business sector buyers will normally share our SATD content to their particular audience which might comprise their Employees, Customers, Clients, Members, Students or others connected to their business activities.

ALL such business sector buyers of the SATD Content have NO responsibility or control of the SATD Film nor for all other SATD Safer Driving collateral components. Such business sector buyers do NOT explicitly approve, endorse, condone or recommend any of the contents of the SATD Film nor its accompanying Digital Document assets.

Responsibility for the accuracy of information, guidance and statistics shown in all SATD assets rests solely with SATD, a division of Changing-IT For Good Ltd.

It is strongly recommended to all recipients of the SATD materials, whether Film based or Digital Document FlipBook based, that they should form their own views of the opinions, views and statistics presented in the SATD content, and they should research the available official information sources provided by UK Government Department of Transport (DoT), DVLA and DVSA who are the authorities involved. Local by-laws may well also apply within different UK regions, and it is for all recipients of SATD to ensure they are familiar with any such variations locally.

In summary SATD and parent company Changing-IT For Good Ltd take sole responsibility for the Contents of the SATD Film and its accompanying Digital Document FlipBooks/eDocs

John Walsh, Director
Changing-IT For Good Ltd – owner of the Staying Alive To Drive (SATD) brand and content.

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