SATD content provided FREE to EX employees of IFS (and any current employees)

This DIGITAL content provided below is a GIFT from ex-IFSer John Walsh, following a historic gathering of a wobbly gaggle of old-boys (and girls) held in late January 2024 in sunny Lichfield.

I recall my time at IFS very well, and was surrounded by exceptional people in all departments of the UK and Sweden operations. I think I was employee number 42 in the UK team. I recall with lesser pleasure the many miles endured trekking up and down the UK meeting mostly lovely Clients both pre and post sale. Many of those reading this will be familiar with the regular "joy" of early starts, motorway breakfast services, hotel sleepovers, and late afternoon/evening returns to base. Such travels come with the sector - I think I averaged over 30K miles per annum for most of my 40+ years IT/ERP career.

It was the many "close calls" I experienced on those journeys that has caused me in my twilight years to create the content that you can see on THIS PAGE, and on the wider content you will see on other site pages, specifically my SATD FILM, an 80mins war and peace EPIC of surviving on our frantic UK roads.

IF you drive, whether just to and from your office, or to and from Client projects nationwide, you will get significant benefit from exposure to this content. The clue is in the TITLE - Staying Alive To Drive (SATD).

The content takes TWO formats. Seen HERE below you will find access to a SERIES of Digital Documents (FlipBooks) that are any EASY but INFORMATIVE READ. These FlipBooks make up 40% of the TOTAL content. The other 60% comes in the form of my SATD FILM, which is normally PURCHASED, but which I provide for ExIFSers also FREE using the ACCESS BUTTON shown below - IMMEDIATELY BELOW the FREE FLIPBOOKS.

In these digital documents (FlipBooks) many aspects of driving RISKS are discussed, and many valuable elements of INFO and STATS pertinent to any spent time behind the wheel are also discussed here. RISKS that can impact your HEALTH and your WEALTH and that make very interesting reading.

We invite you to take time out to view these documents - it is likely that viewing all of the available docs will need around 60 mins or so of your time. Perhaps approach it in bite-sized chunks of your time.

The digital FlipBook content on this page can be accessed NOW - NO purchase is necessary - feel free to share this page address (URL) to ANY driver you know - they will thank you, as do we at SATD

For ExIFSers (and current IFSers)and their family, friends and colleagues

To ACCESS the SATD FILM you will need to supply a PASSWORD - the password for exIFSers is "fullfilm2090" (without the quotes !)

This complementary FREE (FILM content) access to IFSers will be taken down at the end of March 2024 so please view this content in advance of this date.  If you want to continue access beyond the end of March just get in touch and I will be happy to extend the access.

The FLIPBOOK series of FREE digital documents will REMAIN AVAILABLE beyond this date.

You are looking at an example of a CUSTOM PAGE that for a small annual charge can be made FOR YOUR BIZ and any of the content that follows below can be changed/removed to suit your message. Get in touch to discuss YOUR custom landing page personalised to YOUR BIZ, your Team, your Customers, Clients, Members etc. YES the multiple FLIPBOOKS digital content docs accessed via this page ARE TOTALLY FREE. And YOUR custom branded page can be quickly accessed by anyone using YOUR unique QR-CODE (provided by us) by a quick scan or tap.
CLICK the IMAGES or the TITLES on this page to get instant access to a set of FREE digital assets. This ACCESS is completely FREE - NO PURCHASE required. We recommend viewing using a tablet or PC device - this set are DOCUMENTS ram-jam packed with INFO to keep you safe on our roads - indeed to KEEP you on the road and AVOID POINTS - points are the enemy. The contents of these FREE documents will help you to AVOID POINTS and FINES, and A&E ! Viewing using YOUR PHONE will work, but will not be the very best experience 🙁 BEST viewed on a tablet or PC/laptop.
Remember - POINTS are your ENEMY. Get some POINTS and your insurance costs may sky-rocket - and will stay in orbit for 4 years at least. Even worse, IF you are still considered a young driver OR a new driver, you may be asked by your insurer to pay an extra £400+ or more per annum, for 4 annums, so a simple lapse might cost you £1,600 down the line. Not good !
That's IF you can even get a quote after racking up POINTS. Click the images or topic headings to get started - it's FREE, and if you like what you see, you might want to go on to BUY our 80 mins Film packed with gold nuggets and presenting 50 RISK scenarios that might bring you POINTS or a trip to A&E.

    18 PAGES - presenting 12 core topics that affect every driver and all driving. Your HEALTH and your WEALTH is affected by these. GREAT CONTENT and some surprising INFO and FACTS. Ram-jam packed with DRIVING RELATED stuff and lots that you may not know.

  • SATD - summary of the STATS contained in the SATD FILM

    100 PAGES - summarising ALL the STATS that are shown in the SATD FILM, in a READABLE format provided here totally FREE. You MAY go on to BUY our FILM, however even if you DON'T, this content is the next best thing and contains many GOLD NUGGETS for DRIVERS no matter what their level of experience. Grab a coffee, settle down and relax as you are reminded about many things you may already KNOW, and quite a few things that you may NOT already know. And YES, it's for GOOD drivers, like YOU.


    16 PAGES - Describing in "paper" format the 50 everyday driving scenarious that INVOLVE RISK, and including guidance on how to avoid. Shows what the SATD FILM contains but without the MOVIE. Makes a great read when stopping for a break at the Services,


    12 PAGES - Summary of the key changes effective from FEB 2022


    16 PAGES - provides a good SUMMARY of what the 80 mins SATD FILM contains and WHY buying the FILM at sub £6.00 will be the VERY BEST INVESTMENT in anything you will ever make. THE most comprehensive SAFER-DRIVING resource available ANYWHERE.


    16 PAGES - our 80 mins SATD FILM has been structured to permit the inclusion of UP TO 8 BRANDS, and these brands are shown across ALL 50 risk SCENARIOS. We expect our SATD FILM to be viewed by 2 to 4 million drivers annually, or maybe many more if our marketing efforts are successful. Over the coming years we expect to REACH a very high percentage of the UK driving population. We are happy to share our strategy and channel activities with potential Sponsors.

At sub £6.00 (Personal Edition) buying our SATD Film is the original NO BRAINER. (The Business Edition in VOLUME is even lower in price, and in V HIGH volumes it is MUCH lower!).
ALL FlipBooks/eDocs on this page are FREE content created by US - SATD, yet their contents are invaluable. Yes GRATIS! Costing you ZILCH NADA NOTHING NOWT. View all of them ONLINE as an advanced FlipBook - OR you can PRINT or download and SAVE them as a PDF for viewing/printing offline on your own tech.
It is OUR content, created by US, for YOU, for any driver, any age, any level of experience !
Yes it is FREE ! And the contents here might A) save you loads of money, and B) save your skin, and C) keep you and yours SAFE on our frantic roads. NO purchase required. Feel free to SHARE this GIFT to your circle of family and friends and colleagues. (Easiest way to SHARE is to just copy the page address (URL) at the top left and past it into a message/email to whoever you want to have access to these invaluable driving assets. They are ALMOST as important as having a spare wheel and a jack.)
SO fill your boots - watch and learn - and SURVIVE as you DRIVE 🙂
SATD is shorthand for Staying Alive To Drive - our 80 mins FILM that looks at 50 everyday driving scenarios that involve RISK.
The INFO contained in these FREE assets is by itself worth MORE than the very low cost of the 80 mins SATD Film. We provide this access FREE in the hope you might subsequently decide go on to BUY our Film, and our FILM is the REAL GEM, the real golden nugget of our safer-driving assets. We believe that when our SATD FILM is combined with these FREE supplementary digital assets, together this is the MOST COMPREHENSIVE safer driving asset available ANYWHERE .....
We, SATD, have created this digital INFO because much of the surround sound of being a driver remains unclear to the driving public, and drivers REALLY need this info because if they get it wrong, it is likely to be expensive to BOTH their HEALTH and their WEALTH.
SATD is categorically THE most comprehensive set of safer-driving related guidance ever created.
YES there are lots of "piecemeal" initiatives out there hoping to improve driver safety behind the wheel.
NONE of these existing initiatives come even close to the scope delivered by SATD.
At sub £6.00 (Personal Edition) buying our SATD Film is the original NO BRAINER. (The Business Edition in VOLUME is even lower in price, and in V HIGH volumes it is MUCH lower!).
IF you drive, just GET IT! But start here by first reviewing these amazing FREE assets - enjoy - and SHARE to your circle 🙂


Because being a GOOD driver isn't enough, your biggest RISK is the BAD drivers out there.
Because there are more than 10,000+ driving incidents on our UK motorways EVERY year.
Because there are 1,700+ deaths and 180,000+ injuries on our UK roads EVERY year. And SATD will help you to avoid joining those statistics, and will help you to arrive safely at your intended destination, without incurring a detour to A&E or worse.
Because contrary to what you might believe, you are significantly MORE at risk on rural roads than you are on motorways.
Because on our frantic UK roads, the picture ahead and behind can and WILL change in the BLINK OF AN EYE, and our FILM will enhance your chances of seeing RISKS early, and thereby avoiding a looming incident.
Because over 1M+ drivers PER ANNUM receive FINES and POINTS for some form of delinquent driving, and a further 1.4M+ drivers are "invited" to attend an NDORS Driving Awareness course, which allows them to avoid POINTS. SO those simple statistics should ring alarm bells because it demonstrates that 2-5M+ drivers have been CAUGHT driving badly, in some cases very badly, and YOUR MISSION is to not become a casualty of their delinquency. Another 2.5M+ at LEAST were NOT caught, but nonetheless habitually drive to a poor standard. Taken together that means ONE in SEVEN drivers drive with little regard for other road users. And THATS your problem too - their next encounter could involve YOU.
Because after you have watched our SATD FILM, and consumed the contents of our added DIGITAL driving ASSETS, you will be better equipped to retain BOTH your HEALTH and your WEALTH.
Because the bottom line is that whilst we all LOVE our driving, you and yours are AT RISK every single moment you are behind the wheel. Once you acknowledge that simple fact, your chances of survival out there improve 10-fold.
We INVITE you to share this valuable digital content with anyone you know who drives. And we invite you to share this TO your own employer if you have one, who may want to share this to the drivers on THEIR team - it is after all FREE. And who knows, one or two of them may go on to purchase the 80 mins SATD FILM, and be even better equipped for their next road journey.
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