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DOING THIS will allow you to RETURN HERE anytime in the next 3 months to START/RESUME stream viewing of the SATD film. AFTER 3 months this page will EXPIRE. IF you purchased only the STREAMING option you can only watch the film whilst ONLINE, and only until the 3 months allowed window expires. 

Once you have SAVED this page address you can relax and BEGIN your VIEWING by just clicking the image you can see just a little further down this page.

PERSONAL EDITION - BOTH Stream Viewing AND Download MP4 Purchased - VIEW and DOWNLOAD your FILM here. Click either OPTION BELOW
Your UNIQUE 12-digit purchase ACCESS Tracking CODE is @@ PEBO9AG7CAC2 @@ . Please make a NOTE of this now, as you may need it (and your Payment Transaction ID as shown on your confirmation email after payment) if you lose your access bookmark link. You will need to talk to us quoting both numbers to reinstate your access.

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CLICK the button BELOW to download the SATD Film and view later. CLICK the image to the RIGHT to STREAM view the SATD Film NOW …. then sit back, relax and enjoy 🙂

IF you enjoy, and feel you will benefit from watching our SATD film, help us to spread the word and to help even more people keep safe out there on our frantic roads.

1 – tell your friends and family about it
2 – if you are an Employee, tell your BOSS about it and hopefully your employer will purchase our BUSINESS edition to give to your colleagues that drive
3 – after viewing, tell US your views, send Olivia a REVIEW EMAIL at 

If you have purchased several copies of access to the SATD film during CHECKOUT, you are ALLOWED to share YOUR access
to this streaming VIEWING page UP TO the QTY you purchased.

SATD uses the SOLARWINDS access tracking APP using YOUR unique purchase ID and all visitors IP addresses
to identify any abuse and sharing beyond the purchased level.

Where sharing abuse is identified in real-time by SOLARWINDS, all access to this page will EXPIRE with immediate effect
pending an investigation with the buyer. 

SUMMARY – if you buy 4 copies you are entitled to SHARE access 4 times, and we ask that you inform recipients
of your share to be aware that THEY cannot share elsewhere, or else YOUR access AND theirs will be EXPIRED instantly.

To SHARE your access to friends/family simply COPY the page address in the URL bar top left corner above,
and send it to your intended recipients, up to the LIMIT of your purchase QTY.

Your SATD film is accompanied by an A5 BOOKLET which contains ALL 50 Scenario topics
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