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Your USB(s) will be POSTED within the next week to the address provided at CHECKOUT. Meanwhile you should BOOKMARK this page in your FAVOURITES to allow you to return here later pending arrival of your USB by post.
Whilst you await postal delivery of your USB(s) you are welcome to VIEW the FULL SATD Film here.

Just CLICK the image to the RIGHT to play. 
Your UNIQUE 12-digit purchase ACCESS Tracking CODE is @@ PEBO9AG7CAC2 @@ . Please make a NOTE of this now, as you may need it (and your Payment Transaction ID as shown on your confirmation email after payment) if you lose your access bookmark link. You will need to talk to us quoting both numbers to reinstate your access.

Copyright, piracy and unauthorised sharing of SATD IP.

SATD uses the SOLARWINDS access tracking APP for both online streaming access to view our SATD film, and also within your USB media TTC headers. This is done using YOUR unique purchase Tracking Code combined with all viewers device IP addresses, both online and offline.

We do this in order to identify any content piracy abuse and any unauthorised sharing. 

Where sharing abuse is identified in real-time by SOLARWINDS, all access to this page will EXPIRE with immediate effect
pending an investigation with the buyer.

Piracy of our content will be pursued and will be challenged using the law.

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